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Set up business email easily

Simplify business email setup with this handy guide that uses Spacemail, by Spaceship, as an example.

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How to choose the right business and personal email addresses

Learn the tricks to getting an email address that’s memorable, professional, and has longevity.

Can I migrate my emails to another provider?

See how to move your email accounts to get better value, security, and features.

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Why business email means business

Find out why business email is always a better option than generic email providers.

Email hosting vs free-email providers

Email hosting vs free email providers

Why would you pay for something you can get for free? It turns out there are a lot of reasons…

Why you should register a domain before starting your website

When it comes to getting online, your domain should always come first. Find out why.

The future of email

What does the future have in store for email? We look at some possible directions it could take.

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Why small businesses prefer secure email providers

Choosing the right secure email provider requires consideration, but it needn’t be a difficult decision.

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