Registering domains with Spaceship gives you advanced tools and apps to oversee their management.

Maintain your domains

Stay on top of your portfolio without complexity, whatever its size.

Complete control

Manage your domains and settings how you want, from checking product connections to Advanced DNS settings.

Customizable setup

Change configurations, add subdomains, create redirects, and make any other domain or DNS edits easily.

Domainer essentials

Get special features and next-gen tools for managing domain portfolios, and for doing domainer business better.

Want to transfer?

Transfer your domains to Spaceship to gain these tools.

Everything you need

Perform vital domain name and DNS management tasks all in one place.

Domain management tools

Domain List

Keep track of all your domains. Connect new products, get alerts about issues, and add new domains to your list.

Domain Portfolio

A growing resource for domain portfolio management. Perfect for domainers with a lot of domains to trade.

Transfer Manager

Seamlessly transfer your domain to and from Spaceship, with free domain privacy included for eligible domains.

DNS management tools

DNS Preset Manager

Configure DNS records easily with default presets. You can also create custom DNS presets and edit existing ones.

Advanced DNS

Oversee everything to do with DNS, including nameserver management, DNSSEC settings, and checking DNS propagation.

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Frequently asked questions

Domain management, or domain name management, consists of the tasks you must perform to maintain ownership of domains, among many other things, depending on your goals. It can include renewing domains, terminating domains, configuring nameservers, and more.
Whether you want to buy and sell domains or have multiple domain names to keep track of for your business, having a reliable way to monitor everything is essential. Otherwise, you could experience issues like domain subscriptions lapsing and incorrect DNS settings. No matter if you have 1 or 100 domains, it’s important to manage everything properly. Having your domains on a platform with all the tools you need in one place, such as Spaceship, can make the process easier and give you complete control.
Spaceship offers many domain management apps in its extensive library, such as:

  • DNS Preset Manager
  • Advanced DNS
  • Domain Portfolio
  • Transfer Manager
Mix and match the apps that appeal to you and organize them in your account’s launchpad so you can get a clear view and quick access to everything you need.
The Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of the internet, and every domain manager should know how it works. It converts website IP addresses into readable domain names we can all access and remember. An IP address and its corresponding domain name are known as a DNS record. DNS records are kept on a nameserver, a special server for storing and organizing DNS and ensuring your domain will load on a user’s browser.
DNS management plays a key role in general domain management. It’s the process of maintaining all DNS considerations for your domains, including configuring DNS records, nameserver management, and securing DNS traffic with DNSSEC.