Grow your online presence with Spaceship, where secure is the default setting.

Safeguarded domains

Your domain is the centerpiece of your digital life, and we’ve got what you need to keep it attack proof.

DNSSEC authentication

You get an extra layer of security for your DNS, ensuring fraudulent sites can’t pretend to be you.

DNS DDoS prevention

Filters out malicious traffic when attackers try to flood your site, keeping the DNS working.

Free domain privacy

Your registration info will be kept private and won’t go up on WHOIS, a public directory of domain owners.

Free SSL-protected redirects

Your custom URL redirects are SSL-protected for enhanced security and data integrity.

Protected accounts

Strong security features ensure your account stays protected at all times.

Suspicious login monitoring

You will get a verification email when there’s a potentially suspicious login, like from a new device.

Two-factor authentication

Two forms of verification are required at every login, adding another layer of account protection.

Bye-bye passwords

No more forgetting complicated passwords. Logging in is easier and safer than ever with Passkeys.

Social engineering prevention

Limited front-line Customer Support access to your private info and product settings protects everyone.

Built-in security everywhere

Shared Hosting

Fast, stable, and scalable with powerful protection included.

Free SSL certificate

Encrypts the connection between user browsers and your site’s server, shielding the private data.

Virus and malware monitoring

Real-time servers continually scan your site’s server for malicious activity to stop it in its tracks.

Firewall protection

Strict firewall rules track and control incoming and outgoing site traffic, preventing cyber attacks.

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Effortless professional email that keeps your communications safe.

Powerful encryption

Your email storage is encrypted so all messages are guarded from malicious third parties.

Jellyfish anti-spam

Get total protection from spam, malware, and more with this smart, self-learning spam filtration service.

Password protected email

Boost privacy by setting passwords for sensitive emails so only the intended recipient can open them.

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Frequently asked questions

Your website is the heart of your digital life, so its protection should be taken seriously. If not, it risks falling victim to all sorts of cyber attacks, including malware, data breaches, and domain takeovers. This could harm your business or brand’s reputation and result in financial losses. Fortunately, when you register and host your domain with Spaceship, the platform features myriad security measures as standard so you can focus on growing your online venture.
When someone registers a domain, their name, address, and contact information are added to the WHOIS public directory of domain owners. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is comfortable with having their sensitive details displayed for everyone, including potential threat actors, to see.

That’s why Spaceship offers free domain privacy for anyone who registers a domain. You don’t need to do anything extra — it will automatically be added when you register yours. So, anyone looking up your domain details will only see randomly generated data, not your personal information.
Very. In addition to free SSL certificates, continuous virus and malware monitoring, and a robust firewall system, Spaceship Shared Hosting also features:

  • Cloud storage: reinforces your data with an extra layer of protection by distributing it across various servers.
  • CageFS: a virtualized file system that puts each server user in their own 'cage,' preventing them from seeing other server users and viewing sensitive information.
  • Brute force protection: A smart threshold shields your server from brute-force attacks.
Encryption is a cybersecurity measure that converts data into unreadable text. Cryptographic keys encrypt and decrypt the data, and only permitted parties can access them. Encryption is widely used across the Internet to keep users' private information private, including Spaceship. For example, Spacemail's data storage is encrypted, while the free SSL certificates with Shared Hosting plans keep the connection to your site secure.
Yes. SSL certificates have become a standard expectation for all sites across the web, and for good reason. Encrypting user connections to your site ensures malicious third parties can’t read any data they send. This is especially crucial if they’re sharing personal information. Furthermore, your site may not work properly on major browsers if you don't have an SSL. Many issue warnings to users about SSL-free sites being “not secure.”
You can set a password to individual emails you send to ensure only the intended recipient will read it. This can bring extra peace of mind if you are unsure about their level of device and account security. You will need to share this password with the recipient so they can enter it when they receive the email. The recipient doesn’t need to be a Spaceship user either. If they use a different email service, they will receive an email that contains a link to the whole message hosted on the Spacemail server. Here, they will be prompted to enter the password. They can also send an encrypted reply from the same page.
Spaceship offers a secure foundation for your site, but there are many things you can do to elevate your site’s security. These include setting a strong password and changing it often, ensuring your site’s software and plugins are kept up-to-date, and restricting user permissions.