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Why you should register a domain before starting your website

When it comes to getting online, your domain should always come first. Find out why.

Smarter domain DNS management: a deep dive

Uncover smarter DNS management with Spaceship. Harness tools designed for ease, flexibility, and control.

How to manage your domain portfolio better

Find out why Spaceship’s platform is the best place to manage your domain portfolio.


Domain name and web hosting combos made easier

Is it better to choose domains and hosting with the same or separate companies? Find out the pros and cons.

What is DNS security

What is DNS security and how does it help secure my domain?

Learn about DNS security, common attacks, and how picking the right registrar will keep your domain safe.


Why the right domain is more important than ever

Find out why the domain you choose today will be even more important tomorrow.

Image of a green circle representing domain on a grey background.

The world's number one: Is .com still worth it?

With new TLDs on the rise, and .com availability declining, is the world's No. 1 still the best?