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March 2024

Mark an email as read/unread more quickly

A new envelope icon on your email toolbar means it’s now quicker than ever to mark messages as read/unread. Previously, a right-click was required to do this, but by making it more easily accessible, we hope to speed up your experience. 

More personalization options for your display name 

We’ve added more alphabets and punctuation, and introduced diacritics so you can personalize your display name better.


😣 You could only use Latin letters, numbers, space, and a dot (.).


👏 You can write your name in any of the widely used alphabets (Latin, Cyrillic, Hanzi, Kana, Hangul, Arabic, etc.) 

👏 You can use diacritics 

👏 You can add the following special characters: 

  1. Space
  2. `.` — Dot
  3.  `,` — Comma
  4.  `-` — Hyphen (or Dash)
  5. `_` — Underscore
  6. `(` — Left Parenthesis 
  7. `)` — Right Parenthesis 
  8. `'` — Single Quote mark

Use Spacemail from any device

Spacemail is now optimized for any screen size! So now, whether you're checking in on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you'll find the interface smooth and easy to use. Enjoy a better Spacemail experience — no matter where you are, or what device you're using!

February 2024

Connect to the email client of your choice — now from mobile

Previously IMAP/SMTP/POP3 connection could only be enabled in the desktop webmail version of Spacemail — but not anymore. Now you can enable connection right from your mobile device, and easily find all the configuration details you need to copy (in order to connect Spacemail to your favorite email client). 

How to connect on a mobile device

  1. Log in to your Spacemail mailbox on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to "Options" in the top left menu, and then click the three vertical dots.
  3. Choose "Settings".
  4. Click "Enable" in the IMAP/SMTP/POP3 section. You'll then see configuration details and will be able to copy them and then paste on the side of your preferred email client.  

Improvements to your Sent folder

We’ve updated the behavior in your ‘Sent’ folder: 


😣 You could only see your email address when you looked through the list of emails you'd sent.

😣 If you pressed reply on a sent item, your own email address would be suggested for the 'To:' address. 


👏 You can see the recipient's email address, so it will be easier to navigate through the messages you’ve sent.

👏 The email address of the original recipient(s) will be automatically added to any reply initiated from your 'Sent' folder.

January 2024

Upgrade your Spacemail plan

You're growing your business the right way and feel that you need more resources to expand your email communication. We've got you covered! Now you can seamlessly upgrade from any Spacemail plan you're using (unless you already use our top-level Advanced plan) to get more space, aliases, and mailboxes.

To upgrade your plan:

  1. Go to Spacemail Manager
  2. Select "Manage" for the subscription you want to scale up
  3. In the side panel choose 'Change plan', then pick your preferred plan and billing cycle and proceed to the checkout. 

We'll prorate your price and if any balance remains - it will be used for future renewals. 

Please note: Trial plans cannot be upgraded, you'll need to extend your Trial to a paid plan first. 

November 2023

Monitor your mailbox quota

You can now monitor your mailbox quota using our handy visual indicator — which provides real-time storage updates. Find it in the left corner of your webmail interface.

Set catch-all mailbox with Spacemail

Now you can receive emails — even if they are sent to a non-existent, or mistyped, email address on your domain. 

How to set up a catch-all mailbox

  1. Log in to your Spaceship account and navigate to Spacemail Manager.
  2. Click 'Manage' next to the subscription you want to add a catch-all mailbox for.
  3. Select the mailbox you’d like to use as the catch-all.

October 2023

Customize your anti-spam filter with Jellyfish

While our in-house anti-spam filter diligently protects your inbox from unwanted emails, we’ve now integrated Jellyfish Spam Management System into Spacemail — for additional levels of control.

Use Jellyfish to block specific types of emails, or to whitelist the ones you trust. By reviewing the logs of filtered emails, you can fine-tune Jellyfish to meet your precise needs.

How to access

  1. Log in to your Spaceship account and navigate to Spacemail Manager.
  2. Click 'Manage' next to the subscription you want to adjust spam settings for.
  3. Select 'Spam Management' from the right-hand menu.

Use this guide for more tips on managing your spam filter settings like a pro.

Connect Spacemail through POP3

Another way to connect Spacemail to your favorite email clients joins our existing IMAP and SMTP options. This allows for additional compatibility with clients where POP3 is a must (like Gmail).

How to set it up

  1. Log in to your Spacemail mailbox.
  2. Navigate to settings, and select "Enable" in the IMAP/SMTP/POP3 section.
  3.  Click "See configurations" to get the details you need to add your Spacemail address to the email client of your choice.

Create email aliases to get the most from your email

Introducing: Aliases! 
Now you can easily create virtual email addresses to keep your primary address private and manage your communications better. 

How to set up an alias 
Log in to your Spaceship account and go to Spacemail Manager. Choose the mailbox you'd like to create an alias (or aliases) for, and click "Set aliases". 
You can create up to 10 aliases per mailbox with our Pro plan, or go unlimited with Advanced. 

September 2023

Refresh or let us auto-refresh

A basic, but vital, option that makes receiving emails more convenient. Hit "Refresh" on the right top bar to check for new emails or just wait until Spacemail will auto-refresh (every 2 minutes).   

Get additional mailboxes

Add as many mailboxes as you need right during the purchase process, or buy more from Spacemail manager when you need them.

Mark emails as spam/not spam

You now get even greater protection from our home-grown anti-spam filter, Jellyfish.

Mark any message as spam, and it will be moved straight to the spam folder — but so will any future emails like it.
Noticed an email in your Spam folder that shouldn’t be there? Mark it as 'Not Spam' and Jellyfish will learn this as well. 

August 2023

Connect Spacemail to your favorite email client

You asked and we listened — one of the most requested features for Spacemail is released! You can now connect Spacemail to your Outlook, Spark, Apple Mail, and other third-party email applications using IMAP/SMTP protocols. 

This new feature allows you to receive and manage your Spacemail messages from email clients you already use, making your life easier.

How to set it up
Log in to your Spacemail mailbox, navigate to settings, and select "Enable" in the IMAP/SMTP section. Click "See configurations" to get the details you need to add your Spacemail address to any compatible email client.

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