Migrate your hosting

Make the quick and easy move to Spaceship that won’t cost you anything.

Keep migration simple

Unbox™ is our solution that helps you seamlessly get started with all your products, including migration — no special skills needed.

Upload your backup

Begin migration by uploading your cPanel backup file in a few simple steps.

Get your file checked

Check your backup file’s data compatibility and integrity easily by simply following the Unbox™ process.

Restore and connect

Recover all your data then manually connect your domains in Hosting Manager, your center for hosting products.

How to get ready for migration

Check your cPanel backup file has all your website’s data, files, and databases from your current hosting environment.

How to run your backup

How to run your backup

How to run your backup

  • In your cPanel account, go to the files section and select “Backup menu”.
  • Choose “Download a Full Account Backup” then “Generate Backup”.
  • When this has finished, download your cPanel backup file from “Backups Available for Download”.

What you need for migration

Backup file

Make a cPanel backup file for your website, with all your essential data, files, and databases.

File type and size limit

cPanel backups support tar.gz and zip files that are less than 20 GB in size.

Email accounts

Email should be migrated separately after you create email accounts in Spacemail. Learn how to .


Manually install your existing SSL keys when these are migrated, and make use of free SSLs for the first year with Shared Hosting.


MySQL databases are supported for migration, but other databases will not be migrated.

Internet connection

Your connection will need to be stable to avoid any disruptions during backup file upload and migration.

Choose your hosting

Datacenter location


*Prices reflect discount on the first billing cycle.

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Get more with Spaceship

Move your website to us and enjoy hosting with extra benefits.

Powerful hosting

With lightning-fast performance, your websites will load instantly and without disruption.

Easy to manage

Hosting Manager makes dealing with your websites and domains much easier.

Free SSLs

Enjoy encryption for you and your website visitors with SSL certificates free for one year.

Completely secure

Stay protected at all times with the advanced security of your hosting environment.
Frequently asked questions
In order to get your hosting migration underway, you’ll need to download a cPanel backup file from your current hosting account. This file must be in tar.gz or zip format, and less than 20 GB in size.
MySQL databases will be migrated, but not any other database type. Email accounts cannot be migrated so you can set up a Spacemail account after migration. SSL keys will be migrated, but you’ll need to install them manually.
You can migrate the number of domains and files that are within the limits of your Spaceship hosting plan.

You can easily import your emails using the Spacemail Migration tool, which uses IMAP.

  1. Login to Spacemail.
  2. Go to Settings, then Email Migration.
  3. Choose Migrate to Spacemail.
  4. Complete the details of your source email account, then go back to your source mailbox and enable IMAP.
  5. In Spacemail, type the password of the destination mailbox and select Migrate emails.
  6. Follow the instructions.

NOTE: Spacemail Migration doesn't import emails via backup files. If you have an active email account, you can migrate your emails using Spacemail Migration.