Connect extra products and services to your domain in moments.

Get connected

So your box-fresh tech and projects are ready to launch.

Set up gets simple

Unbox™ activates as part of your purchase setup, guiding you through connecting everything to get online fast.

Flexible freedom

Whether you want to connect your domain and web hosting, or domain name and email, or more, Unbox™ makes it easy.

Painless scalability

Add, upgrade, downsize, or switch products instantly at any time to grow your presence and digital future your way.

How it works

While you can easily purchase and connect multiple products, here’s how to connect a single domain purchase to web hosting and its extras via Unbox™.

Start Unbox™

Get started straight after you’ve made your initial purchase.

Hosting options

You can pick your ideal hosting plan as the first step.

Add extras

See your Spacemail professional email and free SSL options.

Review and connect

Check your chosen products and connect them to your domain.

Configure products

Tailor your setup, from adding a CMS to creating mailboxes.

Launch your project

Ultimately, Unbox™ guides you to connect and configure exactly what you need.

Register a domain

Frequently asked questions

Everyone who wants to get their project online. If you’ve ever wondered how to connect a domain to a hosting server or wished website setup was more straightforward, Unbox™ has got you covered. A complete and simple solution for getting online in just a few clicks, Unbox™ provides an automated wizard-like flow to users that will guide them through every stage.
It typically has two main stages: Connection and Configuration. During the connection stage, you connect a product to your domain and other tools and services if you like. For instance, your domain name and website hosting or your domain and email hosting.

During configuration, you can set up your products and services with suggested settings. You can always return to this stage later if you don’t want to configure immediately. Once the Unbox™ process is complete, your online project is ready to go, and you can start growing your digital life.
Anything you need to launch a website and build your online presence, including:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Spacemail professional email
  • SSL certificates
  • Content management systems like WordPress
  • Domain setups like DNS templates, URL forwarding, and email forwarding
Yes. Unlike some domain and web hosting companies that prioritize ease of use over long-term customizability, with Unbox™ you get the best of both worlds. The initial suggested configurations are simply to get you up and running straight away. If you want to change any site settings later on, you can do it at any time without hassle.
Absolutely. Once you’re done with Unbox™, you can use Launchpad apps to manage all the products, services, and tools you've connected to your domain.
The best domain and hosting providers give users complete control over their digital lives without complication. Unbox™ does just that. You can launch a site, project, or business in minutes and customize it to your preferences, now and in the future, adding and removing products as you expand. Other website domain and hosting providers that offer simple site setup tend to be very limited in scope with how much users can customize and tailor ideas to their needs. With Spaceship and Unbox™, you have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want.