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February 2024

Free 30-day Shared Hosting trials

Before you invest in a product, it’s always best to try it out first. That's why we’re introducing free trials for Shared Hosting plans: 

  • Free trials are available for all plans and billing cycles.
  • The 30-day trial period allows access to all features and functionality to give a better understanding of Shared Hosting.
  • When the trial ends, take advantage of our special discount and continue your plan for less.

January 2024

Choose more storage with AutoBackup

Based on your feedback on AutoBackup storage sizes, we now offer more levels to choose from. This means it’s even easier to get the perfect match for your needs.

Choose from:

5 GB5 GB5 GB
20 GB20 GB20 GB
-50 GB50 GB
--100 GB

Update your document root folder at any time

To make it easier to organize and find your website files, you can now change your document root folder.   

To update your document root folder:

  • In Hosting Manager, choose ‘Manage’ next to your hosting subscription
  • Go to ‘Advanced’, then ‘Document root folder’
  • Select the ‘Edit’ icon next to your domain, then choose your new folder path

 Check all of your website data can be found in this folder to avoid any disruptions.

Migrate your FTP accounts

Initially, FTP accounts could not be migrated when we released our hosting migration feature, but this has been resolved. Now you can check the number of FTP accounts (and other data) in your backup during the file assessment stage. 

This means you won’t need to set up your FTP accounts from scratch after your hosting has been transferred.


November 2023

Easily migrate to Spaceship Hosting 

Now you can seamlessly transfer your hosting data to Spaceship for free using our new migration tool. It makes it easy to:

  • Migrate your cPanel-based hosting 
  • Upload and restore in a few easy steps 
  • Run your current website better on Spaceship 

Hosting CPU limit tracker 

This new feature lets you know when your use of CPU resources has reached its limit, so now it’s easier to manage and upgrade your hosting plan if you need to.  

When you have exceeded your resources, you will see the hosting CPU tracker alert message: ‘Hosting CPU limit reached’.

You can check your automatic reports about your CPU usage limits by going to Hosting Manager > Manage > Hosting usage > Reports log. Here you can view the processes that are causing CPU overuse and find out how to resolve any issues.  

October 2023

Get started with Let’s Encrypt SSL

Based on your feedback, we now offer two different SSL options. We already have the one-year PositiveSSL option, which is an addon that can be managed throughout the Spaceship site. 

Now you can also choose Let’s Encrypt SSL, which is issued for 3 months, completely free, and available in cPanel. 

To get Let’s Encrypt SSL:

  1. Go to cPanel
  2. In the Security section, choose ‘SSL/TLS Status’
  3. Next to your chosen domain, select ‘+Include during AutoSSL’
  4. Select ‘Run AutoSSL’ at the top of the page

Now you can downgrade

Upgrading resources as your projects grow has always been simple on Spaceship. But you may also need the flexibility to scale back and save on things you aren’t using. 

Now you can easily scale up or down between different hosting plans, and be more cost-efficient when you need to be. 

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Go to Hosting Manager
  2. Select ‘Manage’ for the particular subscription
  3. In the side panel choose ‘Change plan’ then pick your preferred plan and billing cycle

September 2023

Keep your data safe with AutoBackup

Life is much easier when you choose our AutoBackup addon. It takes no time to get started and just a moment to select and restore your backups. Then you’re always secure. 

You can choose AutoBackup when you purchase your hosting plan. If you already have your plan:

  1. Go to Hosting Manager
  2. Select ‘Manage’ for the particular subscription
  3. Go to ‘Backups’ then ‘Get AutoBackup’

There are also some further updates to AutoBackup on the way, with more backup versions and a download option coming soon.

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