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Launching digital futures further, faster

Spaceship’s primary mission is to redefine speed and simplicity so everyone, everywhere can do more, make more, and be more online.

Why? Because it’s people that really power the internet — your vision, ideas, and ambitions. You deserve an easier, faster, better way to get where you want to be online, no matter how close or far away it seems.

Welcome to (your) Spaceship… Built with ❤️ by Namecheap.

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Pushing what’s possible

We’re here to take digital technology further, and then put it in your hands. Everyone should have the freedom to get their vision online. That doesn’t mean we use ‘the latest innovations’. It means we build innovation from scratch! From behind the scenes and onto your screens, we go further so you go further.

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Building digital harmony

By creating and bringing together digital products so practically anyone can use them, we bypass the usual web complexities. No pain. No fuss. Just beautiful digital experiences. Domains, hosting, email… Simply choose, connect, and launch what you need. ‘Seamless’ will never mean the same thing again.

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Integrity by design

Just like amazing websites and digital futures, trust needs to be built. That’s why you won’t find any hidden costs or buried information on our website, or anywhere else that belongs to us. Everything is upfront and where you need it.

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Privacy first, and last

Your business should be no one else’s business. A dedication and commitment to your privacy runs through everything we do. First, last, and everywhere in between, your information and rights are protected.

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Shoot for the stars, and launch your online future now.

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