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February 2024

HTTPS URL Redirect is now available

You can now redirect traffic to another domain while securing and encrypting data with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) URL Redirect. This service, which is free of charge for all of our customers, allows you to use secure URL redirects, which are now SSL enabled. Boost your site's trust and credibility, and enjoy an improved user experience.

To keep Spaceship flexible, you have multiple access points when assigning your URL redirects. 

  • Domain List: Head to your Domain List, select the domain you’d like to redirect, and hit URL Redirect in the side panel. Or, using the Domain List too, you can use Connections to assign your redirects. Hit the plus on the domain you want to configure and find URL Redirects in the Connect to page.
  • Unbox™: When you Unbox™ a domain, you’ll see URL Redirect ready to be assigned in seconds.

January 2024

Refined navigation: transfer

Your domain is your domain. If you need to transfer to another user, or to another provider, we want that to be as simple as possible. 

To do this, Spaceship’s improved Help Wizard now connects you to the transfer process quicker. Just enter domain transfer in the global search and you’ll be sent to your Domain List. Next, select the domain you wish to transfer and hit the Transfer tab. There you can transfer out or transfer ownership in just a few clicks. 

New domain 

The .eu domain is now available to register. Just use domain search to easily register yours in minutes. With .eu integration, you can now transfer your .eu domain to Spaceship too. Head to the transfer page, follow the steps, and move your digital journey forward. 

Enhanced Domain Portfolio

Simplicity and flexibility are key components of effective management. So, Spaceship has improved your Domain Portfolio with advanced sorting. 

Now, you can filter your domains in better ways for you, and find them even quicker. Filter by: nameservers, category, DNS template, registration date, and expiration date.

External domain improvements

After an hour, inactive external domains with no connections will be automatically deleted. This allows you to reassign the domain and make connections with no errors in seconds.


December 2023

New domains

Now .ing and .meme domains are ready and waiting to register. Simply use domain search to discover them and more.

New Connections tab

Check, organize, and manage Connections quicker with our latest update to Domain List. Use the Connections tab to see and manage your connected products for each domain in minutes. 

How to: 

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find the Domain List App
  • Choose the domain name you want to manage    
  • Select Connections in the side panel

Transferring domains to other accounts

Move domains across Spaceship with clarity. Whether you’re transferring across your own accounts or moving ownership to others, get assurance of transfer success with web and email notifications. We’ve also made sure that alerts are sent to both the new and old owner accounts.

Clearer Advanced DNS guidance

Make Advanced DNS simpler to grasp with improved Helper Wizards. Spaceship now guides you better through:

  • Changing nameservers
  • Creating personal nameservers
  • Creating sub-domains

Improved DNS Preset locations

Keep Spaceship navigation time down to a minimum with updated DNS Preset locations. Previously, the DNS Preset Manager could only be found through Advanced DNS and Domain Portfolio. Now, you can easily find presets in the Library, Launchpad, and through Global Search too.

November 2023

New domains

We released two new domains for you to register: .buzz and .tattoo. Just use domain search to discover them and more. 

Get better help on the Domain List 

Improved for clarity, the latest Helper Wizard shows you how to use different options in the Domain List if you:

  • Have one or more domains.
  • Use Domain List for the first time.
  • Ask for help in a global search.

Reactivate expired domains 

Keep what’s yours with our latest changes to Domain Lifecycle. Keep your domain safer for longer with an active period of 7 days even after expiry. Head to your Domain list to easily reactivate your domains if they expire. 

How to:

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find the Domain list App.
  • Click on the domain name you want to reactivate.
  • In the side panel, select Extend registration and finish checking out.

October 2023

New domains

We added more domains in October to our offerings: .abogado, .blackfriday, .compare, .courses, .gay, .health, .ink, .luxe, .photo, .select, .study, and .wiki.

Submit transfers from the Transfer Manager app

View, manage, and submit transfers directly from your Transfer Manager app. Save time with this improvement to make transferring faster and simpler for you. 

Unbox™: Default DNS presets

Want to save time and effort when unboxing? Now you can Unbox™ your newly registered domain using default DNS presets. To keep things customizable, you can make your own presets to choose from when unboxing, so you can quickly apply your DNS settings your way.

How to:

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find the Domain list App.
  • Select Manage DNS presets at the top right of your account.
  • Then select Set as default next to the preset you want to make default. 

URL redirect improvements

Redirect traffic with quick and discreet Masked and 301 Redirects to a site of your choice — never miss a customer and never spend a cent for redirects on all your purchased domains. 

How to:

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find the Domain list App.
  • Select the domain name you want to configure the URL redirect for.
  • Choose the URL Redirect option from the side panel.
  • Enter the destination address, select Redirect type, and select Save

September 2023

Domain portfolio upgrade

Based on your feedback, we’ve made significant improvements to your Domain Portfolio, giving you ease of control and freeing up time.

  • Bulk management of URL Redirects and Email Forwarding saves you time, keeping all your nameservers in one place and reducing the actions required to assign them. 
  • To improve how you track ownership and manage your domains, we now include registration and expiration dates on your invoices too.

Transfer domains in bulk

Transferring to us may save money, but transferring in bulk will save you time. You can now import your list of domain names from a CSV file and transfer your domains in bulk. 

Make transferring even easier

You should feel like navigation gives clear direction, so we’ve improved the Transfer Manager App with this in mind. Get more control with instant bulk options and refined selection filters, and use the new ‘resubmit’ functionality to reduce the time you spend transferring. 

Transfer-out for .UK TLDs

Transfer-out .uk TLDs without having to contact our customer support.

Host records and nameservers presets

Create and apply preset DNS records in your Spaceship account without manual configuration. Customize your setup, simplify DNS record management, and save your time.

How to:

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find Advanced DNS.
  • Select Manage DNS presets at the top right of your account.
  • Then create your DNS presets with settings that suit you.

August 2023

New domains

Choose from a selection of domains added in August: .click, .country, .hiv, property, .sexy, and .link domains. Head to the domain page to discover them and more. 

Transfer-in for .UK family TLDs

Easily transfer-in your .uk,, and domains, completely free of charge. 

Renew your domain

Auto-renew or manually renew any premium domains held in your Spaceship account. Enabling you to choose your renewal type helps you save time, protect your investment, and manage your domain cycles how you want to.

How to:

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find the Domain list App.
  • Select the domain name you would like to renew.
  • Then select Renew subscription in the side panel and finish your checkout.

July 2023

Google domains available

Get your new Google TLDs: .boo, .day, .dev, .new, .page, .rsvp, .foo, .zip, .mov, .nexus, .dad, .phd, .prof, and .esq. As well as Google domains, choose from .gg and .je domains too.

Domain portfolio exports and search filtering

Keep important info easy to see — export domain details, domain names, nameservers, assigned DNS presets, and domain name categories to an Excel or CSV file. 

Improve clarity across your Domain Portfolio with Smart Search filters, displaying multiple domains with reduced searching required.

Transfer ownership functionality

Use the Launchpad account area to access the Domain List and to transfer your domain to another owner. When you do, you can retain the original contacts or update them easily with the new owner's details. 

We’ve done this to help web & tech professionals manage websites and domainers to resell them.

How to:

  • Log in to your Spaceship account and find the Domain list App.
  • Select the domain name you would like to transfer to another Spaceship account.
  • Hit Transfer in the side panel and then select Transfer ownership.

June 2023

New domains

Take your pick of newly added .eco, .me,.in.,, and .shop domains.

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