Domain name and web hosting combos made easier

Every website has two essentials: a domain and web hosting. The domain to give you an address and digital brand name, and the hosting to power your site into life online.

The first thing is to decide on the best providers for these services, and you may be wondering whether to use the same or different companies for your hosting and domain registration.

Many opt to combine the two products as a single purchase from a single provider, usually looking for cost savings. But many others like the freedom to choose individual products without getting locked into a specific deal from one company, or they believe it’s more secure to spread their products out.

What if there was a third way? A way to get the cost savings and convenience of a domain with hosting combination package, with the freedom and flexibility of individual providers? 
Well, maybe there is a way to bring what you need together online easily now that Spaceship has launched. But first, let’s separate fact from fiction when it comes to deciding on whether to combine or freestyle your domain registration and hosting services.

Why some think it’s better to keep hosting and domain providers separate

It’s often thought that picking out a domain registrar and a hosting provider from different companies is the best possible approach. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons and misconceptions.

1. Cost savings

There is an idea that keeping your domain name registrar and web hosting provider separate can mean better savings. You can shop around more and cherry-pick savings from short-term deals. However, this depends on the provider, and in reality, buying a package i.e. in bulk should save you more, even over the long term if you choose the right provider. 

2. Security

Some people may prefer to use different providers for their domain and website hosting as a risk mitigation strategy because they believe that the security risks are greater when multiple web services are in the same location. However, a wiser strategy could be to ensure that all your security concerns are addressed, whether you use the same or different providers.   

3. Expertise

Many believe that there are different skills and strengths in particular fields, so it’s best to look for companies that excel in domains as one area, and hosting as another. But this assumption doesn’t necessarily reflect the current state of the web-tech industry. A good provider should be able to offer a range of high-quality web services and products.

4. Product freedom

Many see hosting and domain packages as limiting in terms of the types of domains or hosting plans on offer. The perception is that such combinations will only offer the most basic types of products — when more tech-savvy customers might want extra features or components. 

Although this is true for many traditional companies, a new generation of web service providers like Spaceship offer the opportunity to choose your preferred hosting plan with your domain. You also have the freedom to customize at a price that still works.     

Why choose the same hosting and domain provider?

While many may not initially consider combining domain and hosting services with the same provider, even at a basic level, there is good reason to look at domain and hosting combos more closely. 


When all your domains and web hosting are in the same place, it’s much easier for you to manage, adjust settings and configurations, and make any further updates. Here you can add extra services as and when you need them without having to deal with separate providers — as long as the provider has the right tech to do this easily. 

Easy integration

For things like DNS management and connections between other services, such as domain and email hosting, it’s much simpler when your web hosting and domain are in the same place. Seamless integrations controlled from just one platform will free up your time to spend on things more central to your web projects. This could include improving your website content or completing projects more quickly and efficiently.  

Budgets and billing

When your bills all come from the same hosting and domain company, you’ll find it much easier to manage your payments. It’s even more convenient if you can arrange the same billing cycles. 

You can also make the most of customer retention campaigns, through which you can apply discounts to products you already use, or new ones that you choose to purchase.

Spaceship — the future of domains and hosting

Let’s say you want a domain and hosting combination, but don’t want to be limited in terms of cost, choice, or convenience. With Spaceship, you can. With its unique Unbox™ process, you can choose your ideal domain name and hosting plan in just a moment while still taking advantage of Spaceship’s market-leading prices and total security.

First, you simply choose a domain and initiate your purchase. The Unbox™ process will then kick in to help guide you through your setup. Then you’ll have the option to choose a hosting plan, without being limited to a specific option — although the process will also offer suggested plans and product bundles for extra convenience. Unbox™ helps out by making these useful suggestions, without being intrusive.

You can also add any extra products you might want, review your connections, and make all the configurations you need. You can even switch hosting packages during the Unbox™ process if you change your mind. 

And it’s not just connecting website domains to hosting services. You can add more, like Spacemail business email, a free SSL certificate, or a content management system (CMS) of your choice. 

Essentially, Unbox™ makes everything much simpler. It guides you through the process and allows you to connect and configure all of your Spaceship products easily. You can tailor make your ideal domain and hosting package, or add any extras you need on top. 

You gain the freedom and control to get the most from your digital products by connecting them into a single, easily manageable solution. You can also upgrade, downgrade, or switch hosting plans as and when you need to, with no compromise on quality, price, or future growth. All this gives you more options while still putting you in full control of your products. 

When looking at domain name registration and web hosting companies, security, affordability, flexibility, and simplicity are all important factors. With heightened protection, lower prices, and Unbox™, Spaceship makes it all possible


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