Smarter domain DNS management: a deep dive

What should all platforms be? Reliable? Easy to control? Versatile?

The online world is filled with poorly designed, over-complicated processes with sub-optimal means of getting through them. Users can’t be blamed for being frustrated. But when it comes to areas like domain management, the negative impacts could be serious. 

Improved performance, strengthened security, minimized downtime — there’s a high chance you’re missing out on these without truly effective DNS (Domain Name System) management.

Confusing interfaces, drawn-out processes, and slow websites prevent you from discovering the true potential of your domain. Clearly, for your digital journey to succeed, you need tools you can rely on.

So, what is a DNS management system? And how does Spaceship make it smarter?


The DNS itself is the main mechanism for domain record storage and browser access. A DNS web management tool lets you configure parts of that system, giving you control over domain behavior, associated products and services, and online performance overall.

Configuring DNS records, managing nameservers, email forwarding, controlling subdomains, security protocols — managing your DNS preferences is powerful, but it should be simple too. 
That’s precisely why Spaceship offers some of the easiest, safest, and most flexible tools with simplicity first. So, let’s dive into DNS management and see how you could get more from your digital journey.

Improving management efficiency, resource allocation, and security measures may well be your priority. Getting you set up fast and effectively is Spaceship's. But, issues and complications are always possible, and DNS management services are no different.

When you set up your DNS, you could run into propagation problems, security concerns, and multiple-party disruption. This costs you time. To help you get online faster, Spaceship gives you choices to configure your DNS how you like in just a few clicks.


Many of those choices are found in Unbox™, an innovative feature that offers a gateway to simple, speedy, and hassle-free setups.

Part of that simplicity is streamlining DNS records management. You can allocate nameservers and host records quickly without the effort of manual input. This keeps DNS server and record management quick and headache-free. After your initial domain purchase, the Unbox™ process triggers automatically, and assists your setup from there.

DNS presets

One of the most useful DNS management tools on offer is DNS presets. They are what they sound like — quickly applied preset configurations to reduce set-up time and keep hassle down to zero. 

Using your own presets, like host records and nameservers, puts customization up front, giving you the freedom to configure your way. 

A common weakness of DNS options on the web is a lack of flexibility. Setting your own nameservers and hosting records can boost performance optimization, security controls, and hosting preferences, just like shared hosting.

To give you more control and ownership over them all, you can create your own custom DNS presets and apply them in seconds. 

To speed the process up even more, you can assign a favorite preset as default. Whether you use Unbox™ or not, that preset is then applied to new domains automatically — not only is the process faster, but now, you don't even have to think.


Changing your DNS settings is rarely instant. Caching can add time to your configurations being recognized, and propagation often leads to user frustration. Is their domain being cached? Or is there a serious problem preventing completion?

Spaceship has the solution — the DNS Propagation Checker. 

This built-in service checks how DNS changes are propagated around the world, giving you a better understanding of what’s going on with your domain name. A percentage and status display makes tracking clearer too, helping you follow the progress of your setup, headache-free.

Advanced management: Advanced DNS

Giving you primary features and configuration tools all in one place sounds great — to get deeper ownership of your domain, all you have to do is access one page. But it isn’t always that simple. Many services cram functionality without user-friendliness in mind.

Spaceship’s Advanced DNS lets you optimize performance and strengthen security by managing host records, nameservers, and DNSSEC, all with clarity upfront. This tool gives you a quick view of all DNS information for your domains and allows you to select them individually to manage their settings with speed. 

Let’s look at some.


You don't need to use tricky nameserver tools with clunky input controls and cluttered interfaces anymore. Spaceship DNS and custom DNS offer clear access with easy input for both DNS options. 


Configuring products and services can be a pain to stay on top of, especially through services that make it harder. Just open your Connection Manager to view and change your connected product records, like connected hosting or Spacemail, in seconds.

Custom record groups 

Record groups can be confusing. For new users, they can be overwhelming. To help you manage DNS records without compromise, you can harness the speed and ease of Spaceship’s custom record groups. 

Simply create, view, edit, and manage your custom DNS records on various record types. Spaceship supports A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, CAA, NS, PTR, TXT, and SRV. 

Giving you even deeper control, the CNAME flattening feature lets you transform the CNAME record into an Alias record. This supports both types with the benefits of the CNAME records and keeps your other records on the root domain working.

Spaceship also supports your domain with a DNS records conflict check, helping you monitor the status of your records and keeping downtime to a minimum. 


Security online is vital. Your domains are constantly under threat. And to grow a digital space with uncompromised control, you’ll need unquestionable security. 

Spaceship puts security first, building top-tier DNS safety measures into your operations from the start. For example, when you point your domain to Spaceship nameservers, DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is assigned by default, adding a layer of security to you and your visitor’s data from minute one, worry-free. 

This automated DNS security management tool digitally signs records to authenticate and verify DNS activity, preventing threats, reducing worry, and empowering your digital journey with full support.

If you need to disable DNSSEC, for troubleshooting reasons or compatibility concerns, you can easily enable or disable it in seconds through Advanced DNS.

Personal nameservers

Building customization and control into Spaceship tools is important too. Personal nameservers let you add your own domain name as part of the nameserver address, enhancing your brand image and making your hosting services appear more professional. 

Spaceship makes it quick and easy to add personal nameservers with minimal input and a clutter-free display. 

Your platform 

Spaceship is evolving alongside you every single day. As a smart platform making digital product management easier, Spaceship exists to blend simplicity and innovation, bringing you the next generation of superior domain management.
To advance for you, Spaceship needs input. Building a customer-driven experience requires your insight, your wisdom, and your experience. So, to inform new features, tools, and platform designs, make your vote matter, and help Spaceship become a bigger part of your journey.

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