Getting ‘properly’ set up online just got way simpler

Why is simplicity just for beginners? Especially for web and digital products? When it comes to launching an online project, most so-called “all-in-one” solutions for getting online quickly and efficiently are aimed at novices. They offer limited choices and little freedom to customize and connect products and services and really make an online project your own.

What about more advanced users who want more than the limitations of simple template websites but still value ease of use and simplicity? Those who need a place where they can take complete control and get online properly fast without the hassle of trying to link up products from different providers. Somewhere they can easily get a domain, powerful web hosting, pro-business email, and more, along with the option to scale up or down at any time.

That’s where Spaceship’s Unbox™ and Launchpad technologies come in. They make it possible to get everything you need to start your digital journey, from domain name setup to email domain setup, letting you connect and configure products and services in just a few clicks — without ever compromising on customizability.

Here’s how it works.

Getting online with Unbox™

Unbox™ is a wizard-like flow that triggers whenever you purchase a product on Spaceship, guiding you through everything you need to launch your digital space, from hosting to security. 

For instance, if you buy a domain with Spaceship, you’ll be able to connect the domain to hosting right away, while adding on any necessary extras you need to get your project ready to go. You can easily choose the right hosting plan, a Spacemail professional email plan, an SSL certificate, and a content management system, getting it all up and running in just a few clicks. 

It has two main stages: Connect and Configure. 

Connect at this stage, you choose the products and tools you wish to connect to your domain. 

Configure select recommended settings to set up your chosen tools and services in moments. 

The magic of Unbox™ is the ability to connect what would ordinarily be separate products all in one place. You don’t need to go through the headache of connecting a domain and web hosting plus other products from different platforms. Nor do you have to settle for the limitations of a typical beginner website package. With Unbox™ you can create your own website package tailored to your particular needs. There are also recommended product bundles if you would like a little more guidance.

The best part is you’re not locked in. After you’ve finished unboxing everything, you can change things up anytime, from upgrading or downgrading products to switching hosting plans or CMS. Whatever you need, you have complete control, and you don’t need to wait hours for implementation. 

After you've completed the Unbox™ process, you can manage everything effortlessly with your Launchpad. This convenient backend solution allows you to quickly and easily oversee everything in one place. 

Through your Launchpad you can select Spaceship apps for managing your chosen products and services, such as hosting, email, DNS management, and domain portfolio management, as well as any new tools and features we recommend. You can also customize the layout, positioning the apps in a way that makes sense to you. Plus you can add or switch more features and products as you like. 

Simplicity without compromise

For total freedom and control over your online projects, getting online with the Spaceship platform and Unbox™ comes with countless benefits, including:

Simple management 

Oversee domain, hosting, email and myriad other services through the same account on the same platform, so you always keep track of your online services.

Easy integration

Connect everything without a second thought so you can focus on growing your web presence.

Streamlined billing

Having all your services from one company makes it easier to manage payments, especially if the domain and hosting follow the same payment cycles.


Spaceship offers ‘always Black Friday’ pricing and frequent special offers so that you can regularly apply discounts to both owned and new services.


It’s a common misconception that choosing separate product providers is somehow more secure. When what you actually need is a truly secure platform

The future of getting online

No more struggling with service integration or settling for sub-par website template packages. With the Spaceship platform, you get complete control without complication. Set up and maintain your online world effortlessly so you can focus on expanding it.

Like the sound of that? Get started with a domain, and see how easy it is to bring it all together with Unbox™ for yourself.


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