The domain and web platform that you’re shaping

Spaceship will always be a work in progress. Our mission to create a new digital frontier for domain and web products will never stop evolving along with the needs of our customers. That’s why it’s so important that your feedback leads us every step of the way. 

More than just a domain name registrar, Spaceship is a platform that makes it easy to connect innovative features and products to your domain, simplifying the process of growing your digital presence. And it’s not just customer-focused — it’s customer-driven, ultimately shaped by your wants and needs. What’s the point in creating something that Spaceship customers like you don’t want?

But what does this collaboration look like in action, and how does the platform develop with customer input in mind?

That’s where the Spaceship Roadmap comes in. 

Mapping Spaceship’s future

The Spaceship Roadmap is where we share what’s in the works to improve the platform, including features that have already been released, what’s currently in development, and what will be created down the line. Navigate the page by toggling between the Upcoming and Released sections at the top. You can filter them by category to get a more specific idea of what’s happening in each area of the platform.

Transparency is central to Spaceship’s mission, so the Roadmap is a place to keep customers up-to-date and be upfront with what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s also a space where users can engage with the proposed vision for Spaceship’s development.

In fact, many of the features currently in development came about due to feedback following Spaceship’s initial launch. That’s because Spaceship isn’t being developed in a vacuum — we want to deliver what you need. 

But to give you what you need, your engagement is paramount.

Your vote matters

One of the key ways to engage is to vote for what you would like to see developed next. When you visit the Spaceship Roadmap page, you’ll find the list of Upcoming features and products the team is working to create. Take a closer look and you’ll see each one has a button on the right-hand side featuring a thumbs-up icon and the word “Add vote”. 

You can also see how many votes each one has garnered so far. Simply click “Add vote” next to the products that appeal to you and have your say.

This voting system influences Spaceship’s internal working structure to prioritize the products our customers want to see next. Everyone from our tech teams to designers, developers, and managers aligns to give the people what they want. For example, user votes are responsible for our focus on rolling out the Shared Hosting Autobackup function, as it was one of the most voted-for features in the Roadmap.

And we haven’t even discussed the most exciting part of the Roadmap yet: requesting features you want to see.

Your input matters

With Spaceship Roadmap, not only can you vote on upcoming features to prioritize, but you also can suggest some we might have yet to think of. This is a critical way to make our customers an integral part of building the Spaceship platform. We want your voice to be heard and to influence us. We want to democratize innovation. 

So, if there’s a tool you need to build your online brand or something you believe is an unmissable technology trend, we want to make it for you. If enough people ask for it, we’ll add it to the planned release section where others can vote to make it a development priority. Requesting a feature is simple to do. 

On the top-right-hand side of the Roadmap page, you’ll see a blue button with the words “Request new feature”. 

Select it, and you’ll be brought to a simple form where you can describe the proposed feature. 

You don’t even need to be a Spaceship customer to do it.

Implementations we’ve made so far

The Spaceship Roadmap isn’t just a pipe dream or something we’ll return to later. It’s already central to how the Spaceship team operates and develops the platform. We’ve already rolled out innovative features based on customer feedback. 

From June to September 2023, we posted 56 features to the Spaceship Roadmap. 37 features have already been released, while 21 are coming soon.

Let’s look more in-depth at some of the features Spaceship has released based on customer guidance. We’ll break them down into domain provider features and general platform-related features. 

Domain features

These are the domain platform features that will make life as a domainer easier. Whether you own 2 or 200 domains, these innovations will simplify the process of managing them. 

  • Bulk transfer: allows users to transfer domain names in bulk from a CSV file.
  • Masked and 301 URL Redirects: enjoy flexible redirects and divert traffic to any destination you choose.
  • Nameserver presets: choose the perfect presets for your needs.
  • Domain portfolio upgrade: simplify bulk domain management with email and URL forwarding setup and Nameservers updates all in one place. 
  • DNS record presets: Streamline DNS record management with preset records — no manual configuration required.

Platform features

These new features have been added to the platform's general functionality, from hosting to email, to ensure building your online presence is as seamless as possible. 

  • AutoBackup – Shared Hosting: Ensure all of your site’s data is always backed up with this easy-to-activate tool.
  • Mark as spam/not spam for Spacemail: take control by teaching our anti-spam system Jellyfish precisely what you want and don’t want in your inbox.
  • Additional mailboxes for Spacemail: create as many mailboxes as you need for whatever you need.
  • IMAP/SMTP functionality for Spacemail: you can now easily connect Spacemail with your favorite third-party email client.
  • Apple Pay: Apple users can make payments effortlessly with their device of choice.

This is just a snapshot of what has been implemented on Spaceship so far. We’re excited to keep developing and improving with our customers alongside us. 

Start shaping Spaceship’s future

Spaceship is a platform we’re building with you for you. We want to be more than just the best place to buy domain names, and with your help, we will be. Have your say by heading to our Roadmap, voting on upcoming features, and suggesting new ones too. Whether you need to grow your web presence or get your company on the Internet, with your guidance, Spaceship will become the leading choice for simplifying and connecting people’s digital worlds.

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