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Background image: interconnected circles that represent the speed at which you can build your online presence from a single domain through to a website and multiple connected products.

Bring your domains to life with Spaceship OS

All in one. All you need.

Launch your website, ideas, and future with a digital platform built to provide and connect the domains, hosting, email, and web tools you need, and to put you in total control.

Bundles of choice

Not sure what you need? Just select and buy your domain and you’ll get product bundle recommendations during the purchase process – easy.

Unbox™ simplicity

Unify your products into one easy solution with our revolutionary Unbox™ technology. Mix and manage everything together — now, and as you grow.

Website ready

Connect your web hosting to some of the world’s top website makers, like WordPress, and have a site ready to go in just moments.

Get started with a domain

Get started with a domain

Core products

Domain product (Circles that visually portray domains and domain names)


Name your future

Give your website and brand a domain name that goes further. Choose a globally recognized top-level domain extension like .com, .org, or .net.

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Hosting product (Squares that visually portray server technology and shared hosting)

Shared Hosting

Your site’s superpower

Get extra speed, security, and stability for your website with our shared hosting. Using cloud technology for zero downtime and optimum performance.

Pick a Shared Hosting plan
Spacemail product (Two interacting hexagonal shapes that visually convey Spacemail’s high-level security)


Pro email, perfectly effortless

Simple full-service email for your website protected by machine learning and encryption.

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Connected simplicity

Connected simplicity


When you Unbox, you’re doing more than just configuring and connecting your tools and services. It’s the technical magic that brings everything together to give you greater control, and it’s all done behind the scenes in moments. You can even add new tools and services later to have total freedom as you grow, unlocking the true potential of your digital set-up, website, and future.

The ultimate ‘Launchpad’

The ultimate ‘Launchpad’

Connect everything with Unbox™, then manage it easily with your Launchpad.

Key features

Take a look under the hood of your Spaceship.

Advanced DNS

For managing host records, nameservers, and DNS security all in one place.


For access to every Spaceship product, service, and app on demand.

Notification Center

For easily checking messages and managing your communication settings.

Domain List

For managing domain registrations and related settings, tools, and services.

Connection Manager

For setting up and managing how your products are connected together.

Hosting Manager

For accessing and managing your hosting subscriptions, tools, and controls.

Vortex background to convey the importance of Spaceship’s central mission and approach

Primary mission

Spaceship exists to get your website and ideas out there faster and easier. It’s built using clear principles focused on simplicity and enhanced design to help you choose, buy, connect, and manage your website and entire digital estate more efficiently. You get more than a website builder or domain registrar. You get a full website and digital platform, made for you.

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Vortex background to convey the importance of Spaceship’s central mission and approach

Building for you, with you

It’s not just you that’s launching new ventures, Spaceship is also fresh off the launchpad itself. Critical to our mission is customer input to help us build faster and better. So instead of prolonged testing behind the scenes, we launched our website early to get the most valuable feedback of all — yours. Look out for more improvements and services coming soon.

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Interacting circular shapes that convey how your domain name lives at the core of your visual identity

Make a (domain) name for yourself

Your domain name is more than just your web address. It’s your online identity and an essential building block of your digital brand. The name of your project or business matched with a top-level domain (TLD), like .com or .net, should truly reflect who you really want to be online. So make sure you pick the right TLD and name combination for your website.

Frequently asked questions

Spaceship is for anyone who wants to get online, but who also wants the freedom to build their digital world without being locked into ‘standard’ mass-market website builders. You get to choose and connect the domain, hosting, email you want, and keep connecting new services and tools as you (and indeed, we) grow.
It’s the technical magic that connects your products and services together. Unbox™ means you can choose exactly what you need for your website, project, or business and have it configured and ready to go in a few moments. Plus you can manage it all more easily in one place — your Launchpad. It also means you can mix, match and connect new products and services as your website, project, or business grows.
That’s a big YES! More domains, more hosting, more website tools, more everything. This is just the tip of the rocket as we continue to build our platform to meet your needs. As a Spaceship customer, you’ll get updates as new lines are added, which you can easily add to your package through the power of Unbox™.
Oh-so simply! Choosing Spaceship means being able to connect your digital products, such as domains, hosting, email, and SSL certificates together into one simple platform. It also means being able to connect and use some of the world’s top website builders and content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress — the world’s number one website system. This gives you the freedom to pick from thousands of website templates and designs. You simply connect and build what you like.
It’s the best first step. Your domain name is essentially your website’s address. It marks your piece of the internet and makes sure people can find your website when they need to. For your brand and business, though, it can be far more important.

Really, you aren’t just getting a website address. You’re creating an online brand. Checking which domain names are available is a crucial step in deciding on business names in today’s digital world. So it needs careful thought up front. That’s why we start your website journey with a domain name.
The best ones! Give your website a true internet original like .com, .net, and .org. Each is globally recognized, and synonymous with trust and credibility — all great things to attach to your website and online brand. Watch this space for new additions to our domain portfolio.
It’s easy. Once you’ve decided on your website’s domain name and started the purchase process, you simply choose from specially selected products and bundles. These give you everything you need to get a website online, like your web hosting, for example. Once you have what you need, you can use our revolutionary Unbox™ process to connect your products together and choose your website content management system (CMS).
In short, it’s a website maker. On a deeper level, a content management system (CMS) is a software application that lets you build and manage your website.
In a word, freedom. Many of today’s ‘website builders’ may look like they offer the world, but often you’re locked in. There’s no easy way to change website providers if you need to adapt at scale. Your content could be trapped.

Spaceship gives you the freedom to choose the right website CMS for you. With something like WordPress, for example, you get to choose from thousands of website templates and have the ability to own, control, and move your content as you like. Switching from a website builder that provides both hosting and a proprietary CMS is much more difficult.
No, not with the top website CMS platforms. They come with different styles and types of templates that let you choose what kind of website you want. No coding necessary.
Take your pick. All our shared hosting plans are built to offer power and simplicity and come with free email mailboxes and SSL certificates. But each is also designed to meet specific needs.

If you’re just starting out with a more basic website, our Essential plan is probably for you. It offers cloud storage and up to 5 domains can be hosted at once. Our Pro and Supreme plans scale these features up to make sure slightly larger websites and ventures also get what they need. So it really depends on what you want, and how big you want to grow. But you can always start small and upgrade when you’re ready.
Spacemail is the next step (make that giant leap) in email technology. It combines advanced security with simple controls — the best of both worlds. Our spam filtering, powered by machine learning, keeps your inbox clean and secure. Spacemail is designed specifically to provide your business with a smart and secure email solution to protect you, and your data. Easily create email addresses using your domain, and upgrade your business communications.