Spaceship: the new digital frontier

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Welcome to the Spaceship revolution. You can now start experiencing a brand new domain and web platform for finding, purchasing, connecting, and managing everything you need to get online and grow — designed to completely redefine what “seamless” means. 

You will be empowered to get online easily and quickly by skipping the inherent complexities usually associated with digital products. Headaches around setting up DNS, managing subscriptions, or switching between products and add-ons are only a hint of the issues you face today. We saw it as we grew Namecheap and knew solving these problems would need a revolutionary approach — so here it is.  

Through our smart use of technology, we are sweeping away the constant problems by managing the technical complexities in the background. These solutions are matched by intuitive design and world-class user experience to effectively simplify the entire customer journey and flow for you.

Launching early

Spaceship is still being engineered and shaped into the platform you really need. Right now we’re in the beta phase, but we still took the decision to launch the website early to test it in the most challenging place of all: the real world. That means we’re still working on making sure everything runs right. What we’ve built under the hood is completely new and complex, and sometimes that requires things to be adjusted along the way. Not to worry, though. Progress and improvements continue at pace, especially now that we are getting feedback from real customers just like you. 

A new frontier in domains

Our goal with Spaceship is to drastically improve how you use, configure, and manage your domains and digital products. Spaceship is a smart system that recognizes when there are issues with your domains and services, such as propagation, payment issues, or configuration issues.  Automatically, Spaceship will notify you if it finds an issue and will give you an easy way to fix it.

Connected simplicity through Unbox™

The ability to truly connect and set up your products easily is of vital importance, but all too often it’s lacking in our industry.  With Unbox™, you can connect and set up your products with just a few clicks, without ever having to touch complex settings like DNS records yourself. It brings everything together for you to manage products easily, and add new ones whenever you wish just as quickly too. Of course, you still get access to the core tools, in case you still want to do things the old way. You are in control of your digital set-up and online future.

More problem-solving

There’s almost nothing more frustrating online than something not working and not knowing why! That’s why we’ve worked hard on our Conflict Resolution feature that understands when there may be issues using your products together, and helps you fix them automatically — when you’re trying to use two email products on one domain, for example.  The system will notify you and provide options so that you can easily and seamlessly switch between products and services for your domains, without any configuration hassles.

More features ready to go

Take a look at some of the other core features we’ve worked on to give you the extra control, simplicity, and flexibility you need.

  • Spaceship Library – your searchable product database where you can select, pay for, and connect useful features and services to empower your domains. 
  • Launchpad – your fully-featured dashboard for easily viewing and managing all of your product and service apps, with the freedom to choose and customize as you like.
  • Connection Manager – your way to see and manage the connections between your products and domains, with nodes across the world that constantly monitor everything.
  • Subscription Management – your all-in place to manage and upgrade your products, making it easy to cancel or even pause your subscriptions.
  • Notification Center – your simple and organized comms area making sure you are always kept informed, allowing full customization to receive only what you want. 
  • Anytime, anywhere payments – your way to upgrade, add extra space, connect more users, or renew services right on the spot and without separate payment pages.

How will things evolve?

While we’ll continue to build and make the experience of the platform better and built around you, we also have many products coming on the horizon. 

Our hosting and email products will continue to evolve, and you’ll see more and more of our tools built into them. That’s alongside more products to make getting online easier, such as our EasyWP product and website builders. 

We also expect a full suite of marketplace and aftermarket tools to easily buy and sell your valuable domain names. Plus more handshake and decentralized integrations are on the way.

These are just a few of the new and exciting things we are bringing to you. You can expect more as we continue to build and add to our platform — your Spaceship.

You can even see for yourselves what we’re working on right now through our Public Roadmap of upcoming features and products.

Why is Spaceship important to us?

We believe deeply in a free and open Internet. Spaceship is the first step toward a giant leap forward in Internet freedom. 

In a world of closed ecosystems and platforms with limited flexibility, our goal is to bring together many products and services and empower them to work seamlessly together. The focus of our entire business is user choice and ease of use, placing full ownership and power in the hands of our customers. Getting you where you need to be online.

It’s time to shoot for the stars… Now, they’re closer than you think.


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